The relations between Tanzania and Germany are Germany are traditionally friendly, as Germany is one of Tanzania’s reliable and strategic partners in the efforts to stimulate Tanzania’s economic growth and improve the social status of its people. Among the key areas of the two countries relationship is in the area of technical cooperation on the sectors of health, water and good governance as well as budget support. Other areas of co-operation include management of ecosystem, transport and communication, military, education and culture.

When it comes to trade,  Germany is in the top group of trading partners of Tanzania. Tanzania is mainly exporting agricultural products to Germany, while importing mainly machines, chemical products and cars from Germany.

The ties between Tanzanians and Germans are manifold and intense. Every year tens of thousands of Germans travel to Tanzania and experience the touristic highlights of the country such as the many game parks and Zanzibar Island. Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain of nearly 6000 m, is the destination for many German hikers.

Germany also promotes the academic training of young Tanzanians by scholarships in Germany as well as in Africa. Germany also maintains a close partnership through Deutsche Welle (DW) with several Tanzanian broadcasting houses. Furthermore, DW broadcasts news and information in Kiswahili, offers training programmes and seminars for journalists and provides high technology equipment for various Tanzanian partner radio stations.